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The Death Card

In this season of Scorpio, I have noticed that my dread of winter darkness has softened since I have been learning more about tarot. In the past, my mood grew low as the days shortened more and more. I used to cry inside as the trees lost their leaves. Temperatures begin to plummet along with daylight hours reminding me of the many long cold days of winter ahead.

When I found tarot, I was instantly fascinated by the lessons in the cards. The deep lessons of life that I had genuinely never been exposed to in all my decades of life. In all my decades of bible study I did when I was indoctrinated as a child, never exposed me to such wisdom. The Death card in particular has taught me that endings are not necessarily dreadful. Thanks to my new perspectives, I feel myself actually embracing the ending of the cycle of the seasons.

Like all the cards in the tarot, Death has a light side as well as a dark one. While I do not deny that the card does indicate a loss and all the sadness that a loss will entail, I no longer ignore the fact that endings bring new beginnings. I can now see that I can truly look forward to the rebirth. I feel excited to get to start with brand new leaves in spring. And as for these shorter days, I am savoring the daylight more than ever. I find ways to shift my activities to be outside earlier. And as for the longer nights, I am discovering the comfort of being indoors longer. I can still work and play inside and I can focus on different things.

I am so glad that I found tarot to help teach me the most advantageous lessons in life. A way to understand myself better and a way to see the opportunity for growth in all situations.

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