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Hello Friends :) I am Tree Greenfield and I am so glad you found my book and my website! It is my sincere hope that you find the information in my first book helpful and fun. It is a transformational memoir that I wrote to share with you how you can use a magic water technique to achieve your goals. In my case it was to experience the feeling and reality of being beautiful. 

There is so much more to the story. I especially wanted to make it possible for you to see the photos for yourself that prove that I made a real transformation in a physical way. As I gathered up all my old photos, I could see that most of them were not as "unattractive" as I remembered them to be. Nevertheless, there is a distinct difference in the appearance of health and confidence and overall outward appeal. I have gathered a collection of photos from before the transformation and a set of photos that show the immediate changes and how they have or have not been maintained since 2019 when the changes began as a result of my use of the water in a magical way. 

Since that time, I continue to receive inspirations to improve my health and appearance. I plan to continue to share those here on the forum. I also want to invite you to ask any questions you may have about my story. I will be happy to answer them and make them available here.

 In the book, I discuss various ways to improve health and mindset. If you would like to share your ideas and experiences here, we will all benefit from them. 

When you sign in to access the bonus content, you will be able to view a photo gallery that documents the transformation from before, to very shortly after beginning the manifestation technique, to a few years beyond the initial transformation. You will also be able to read and add to the forum where we discuss various experiences with methods of using the law of attraction for health and beauty or anything else, other health and beauty hacks and tips and other uplifting wisdom. 

Here is where you can access bonus material about the book "Suddenly Gorgeous! An Experiment with NEW AGE Manifestation Techniques for FAST and EASY Radiance" 


Tree Greenfield author of "Suddenly Gorgeous"
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