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About B100Y

As humans, like other animals on this planet, we have been preoccupied with survival for so long that most of us can barely imagine a life without excessive struggle and strife. Deep down, we know that there are some who seem to live the best life. We would like to understand how we can make it real for us too. 


For some, ignoring health problems, the suffering of others and the destruction of the planet is a coping mechanism that comes with mere survival. However, for many of us, ignoring the suffering of others and the destruction of the planet is not enough. We want to make the most of the life we are given and would like to leave the planet better than we found it. We want to live as long as we can, as healthy as we can be, and with a purpose that will impact humanity or the planet long after we have passed on.


While the average lifespan has fluctuated throughout human history, there are reasons to believe that a natural lifespan for humans is about 120 years. At this point in history, it is rare that a person lives that long and most people don't imagine that a life would be worth living for so long. Times are changing. 


Looking around these days, destruction and suffering are all around us and we think this is how it always has to be. It really seems we have such little power to do anything about the problems in our own lives, let alone the big problems in the world. We have perpetuated this way of thinking for thousands of years, but now as we enter a new age of information and enlightenment, we have profound and powerful knowledge available to more and more people. Knowledge is power. 


While in survival mode, we can only see what it takes to get by. We focus on keeping ourselves and perhaps our own children alive. We justify hurting others if it makes our own life better somehow. We justify damage to the environment because we see its resources as something we must consume before others do. We hurt our own health in the process of hurting others and our precious world. We separate ourselves from the planet and other people because we have been placed in survival mode for so long. For these reasons, people tend to avoid thinking about their own lives or the planet beyond a few years or decades. 


The new ways of seeing ourselves, our fellow humans, the animals and the planet is coming

The knowledge from ancient peoples as well as loving beings from other realms is becoming more and more accessible every day. We are entering a new age. A shift in consciousness is taking place. Welcome to Beyond 100 Years. The purpose of this website is to compile information and strategies that help us to make the most of our present moments in order to build a long lasting and progressively better future. 


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