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A review for my own book:)

I am using this blog to review my own book: "Suddenly Gorgeous-An Experiment with NEW AGE Manifestation Techniques for FAST and EASY Gorgeousness" I just got it all ready to sell on Amazon. I have a lot to do to promote it. I am unknown and I dont have a lot of following just yet. From the outside, the book looks like it's maybe geared just for "girly girls" who are possibly shallow or preoccupied with physical appearance. The book actually is much more than that and could be useful for anyone.

First of all, I am happy that the book is not very long lol. I know I could have expounded more and filled it full of lots more words, but I think the information itself is so rich and valuable that it would just be a waste of time to fluff it up. So I give myself points for keeping it concise. Next, I would like to say that reading it is still a pleasure to me. Even though, I do know of a couple minor grammatical instances, it is written well enough to flow comfortably.

I truly believe that the information provided in this first book is useful for anyone who cares about taking good care of their appearance and health. There is a lot of really good information about using the law of attraction too. There are many references to new ideas and concepts that can lead the reader to much deeper understanding than what can be found in one small easy to read book like this.

As a transformational memoir, the book covers a lot of personal challenges and vulnerable parts of myself and my history. I am a little nervous to let my mother read it or my husband or his family. But I had to be honest and explain my challenges as I saw them. I hope that by including those parts, the reader will gain the understanding of how drastic the changes can be, as they clearly were in my case.

As a first book, I got to learn a lot about the process and what it will take from me to write another book. I will enjoy the process more, I believe, mainly because the self-imposed pressure of completing the first one will be gone. I love reading nonfiction, so my first book is nonfiction. It seems so easy to report the facts as I see them or can remember them. It was also rewarding to complete a story about a very fascinating period of my life. I truly hope this will be the first of many more books!

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