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35 years old woman poor health facial features

This photo was taken in 2007 when I was about 35 years old. I had been in the toxic relationship with my husband for about one and a half years at that point. I was always scared of him at that point. He controlled everything I did or said and I was traumatised every day. The context of this photo is when I was about to meet my biological father for the first time. I was nervous about that too. Here I was meeting up with one of his daughters who I had never met before either. Because of the extreme stress in my life after meeting the husband, I quickly gained 30 pounds in a few months. My health really started to take a dive here. I was suffering from metabolic syndrome. High blood glucose, high colesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides.

35+ years old woman asexual, postmenopausal

The picture on the left and below is from 2012. I turned 40 that year. I had been working in an office enviroment for abut 5 years and married for about 4 years. I always tried to improve my diet and health, but my weight would not budge. I was postmenopausal in this photogragh and fully asexual.

35+ years old woman asexual and apathetic androgenous appearance
43 year old woman holding birthday cake

This picture was taken in 2015 on my birthday. I was 43 and I had been vegetarian / vegan for about 1 year which did make me look and feel better in the face. My relationship with my husband was stabilizing but still stressful. The way I saw myself in the mirror straight on like in the top picture is how I saw myself most of the time. But in the picture below, you can see the extent of the bloating and viceral fat that I was still dealing with. This is why people asked if I was pregnant. This is the result of chronic stress, metabolic syndrome, and insulin resistance. When I learned years later how to drink water at the proper time, this bloating finally disappeared.

43 years old woman side view of bloated distended stomach
43 years old woman in pink formal dress

The pictures of me in the pink dress were taken the same year that I turned 43. I can see in my face that I am still "pretty" but I dont feel pretty because I have a weight problem. The problem is not the number as much as it is the proportion. For my body type, I feel and look better at least 20 pounds lighter. However, the fact that I am carrying the weight in my midsection is very dangerous to my health. This is mostly caused by chronic stress and lack of autonomy.

43 year old woman in pink formal dress full body
44 years old woman standing and waving
44 years old woman with glasses standing

The year of these photos was 2016. This is an example of a moment when I felt like I looked my best. I had my thyroid levels under control, my sleep apnea was being treated, and I was fully vegetarian. I was still assexual and very lonely and trapped, but I was trying to make the best of it.

45 years old woman in sunhat walking in green field
45 years old woman in sunhat and glasses closed smile
45 years old woman in sunhat and glasses crooked teeth
45 years old woman in sunhat and glasses

2017 above and to the left with the sunhat. the green one is in my back yard and the ones with sunglasses were taken at an event to watch a solar eclipse.

46 years old woman taking selfie from above
46 years old woman in front of old travel trailer
46 years old woman with glasses in the woods
46 years old woman taking selfie in the woods

These 4 pics are some attempts that I made at taking selfies! lol These were taken in 2018 and 2019 before I had even a clue about what I was about to experience in the way of transformation. I was begining to look much older than late 40s in my opinion. And yet, there is potential in some of the photos above that a makeover of some sort would be useful. But underneath the potential for looking better was a deep lack of confidence and weariness.

Small New Beginnings

June 2019.  This was taken about 2 weeks or a month AFTER I began the Magic Water Method described in the book. Already there is the beginning of a deep change showing through in my expression. I do remember that at this point, I could detect a tangible potential was stirring in my soul. I was enjoying more optimism and lightness for sure. 

It was very difficult for me to post the before pictures above since most of them are not flattering in any way. So please for my sake, click below for a new page of AFTER photos that I am much more excited to share!  

47 years old woman standing on overlook of Blowing Rock mountain in NC
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